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      Field Trials for Control Aphids on Wheat by Releasing Ladybirds Reared Artificially by HJBI is Conducted

      Source: Author: Date: 2013/04/06 Views:

      On April 25, 2012, field trials for control aphids on winter wheat by releasing ladybirds(Harmonia axyridis Palls) reared artificially by HJBI in the green pest control demonstration area for winter wheat, located in Zhengping County, Henan Province was conducted jointly by Plant Protection Station of Henan and Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, which was ever the first time to apply artificially reared ladybirds to control aphids on winter wheat in Henan province. Exact application data and expertises for enlarging more demonstration area have been amassed substantially through the trials of using natural enemies to control pests.

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