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      Harmonia Axyridis (eggs and adults)


      Properties of Harmonia Axyridis

      H. axyridis is a predator of numerous aphid species. Adults typically live 30 to 90 days depending on temperature. The average total number of aphids consumed through the larval stages can reach about 10000. As one natural enemy of pests, H. axyridis meets the requirement for organic agricultural products.

      Targeted pests

      Eggs, nymph and larvae of aphids, phylloxera, trialeurodes vaporariorum etc.

      Conditions to release

      • at the beginning of the aphid occurrence

      • if aphid base is high, spraying should be made 7 days before H. axyridis are released

      • the natural temperature must be 15 above

      Application methods

      • Releasing eggs. The effectiveness is better in protected land or field where outdoor environment is stable. Put the eggs in containers hung at suitable position of plants. The average is 5000 to 10000 eggs per hectare.

      • Releasing adult H. axyridis. Put adult in containers hung at suitable position of plants. The average is 200 to 250 adults per hectare.


      • Paying attention to the weather. The effectiveness is not affected if it rains two days after releasing.

      • Chemicals are prohibited after H. axyridis are released.

      • Dusk is a better time to release.

      • No irrigation or intertilling within 2 days of releasing adults.

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